Series, 2020, Ink on paper, Ongoing project

The series of ink paintings is the analysis of a childhood time. In the nineties, during the very beginning of post-soviet period in Georgia, my everyday life and relationship with my mother was strongly defined by religion. As for many other Georgian families the religion became the foremost important as a hope in the country’s transitional period. In the small apartment where we used to live during this period, there was a strong feeling of presence of god, because of all the church attributes such as icons, candles and etc. Now this apartment is locked and mainly used as a storage for old furniture and other useless things. Amongst them, all the church attributes lay at the same places as they were when we lived there. Now everything in this apartment, together with many memories have somehow turned into still objective material, which can be observed, experimented with.

Hands crossing oneself / Ink on paper / 2020

Crossing oneself

Gestures / Ink on paper / 2020

Sacred gestures

Icons leaned against the vases / Ink on paper / 2020


A corner for icons in the old apartment / Ink on paper / 2020

A corner for icons

The icons of Christ on the drawer / Ink on paper / 2020

The icons of Christ