Natia Benashvili, born in 1991 in Tbilisi, Georgia lives and works in Berlin, Germany.

Her work revolves around exploring the intricacies of psychological and existential processes, parallel worlds, as well as the human mind and inner processes of transformation. Within her work, she delves into the complex dynamics of maternal relationships and the imprint a mother figure can leave on a daughter’s memories. Additionally, she draws inspiration from orthodox religion, alchemy, and mysticism, manifesting her discoveries and emotions into abstract explorations. Some of the recurring elements in her pieces are a juxtaposition of space, light and cubical forms, allowing her to convey multidimensional concepts on a flat surface like canvas or paper. She works within different, mostly two-dimensional media, including painting, drawing and print.

Natia Benashvili has a degree in Fine Arts from Tbilisi State Academy of Arts, including a one-year exchange program at Rome Academy of Arts. During her studies, she participated in several group projects, such as Personal Structures, a collateral exhibition at the 57th Venice Biennial and a group project Trail G15 at the fest-I-Nova G15 in Garikula, Georgia.

In 2022 she obtained the DAAD stipend for a complementary studies program at the Muthesius Academy of Arts in Kiel, Germany. During the study year she completed her project Do you remember me?, 2023 under the supervision of Professor Piotr Nathan. This series of works reflects a daughter’s perspective on her archetypes and memories of her mother, representing the disordered and chaotic structure of the memories, often blended with each other.

During her studies in Kiel Natia participated in the exhibition Homosexual Men in the Ravensbrück concentration camp, which is primarily known to the public as a women´s camp. The project led by Professor Nathan and Katharina Jesdinsky aims to shed light on the imprisoned Homosexual men’s lives by rethinking the biography of one of the prisoners, Gustav Herzberg.

Natia Benashvili’s project Relic, features at the Larnaca Biennial 2023 titled Home Away from Home. In this work the artist revisits the traces of religious liberation within the landscape of post-Soviet Georgia, through the very home in which she was raised.