On the other side, 2021

On the other side
2021, Mixed-media paintings, sketchbook.
Center of Contemporary Art, Tbilisi, Georgia

The group exhibition “ON THE OTHER SIDE” examines going beyond limits in a wide variety of contexts. In everyday life we often experience barriers or restrictions, be it national borders or  limitations of the human mind. This phenomenon was particularly noticeable in the pandemic-related lockdowns. Limitations manifest themselves physically through two polar sides: an  inside or outside, protection or confinement, a here or there.  

Natia Benashvili‘s works are inspired by stages of alchemical transformation where cuboidal forms are a repetitive element. This symbolizes the inner transforming self and its various  stages. Self-definitions affect and confront the psyche, whether physical or mental, triggers an internal process that in turn affects our internal or external interactions. Abstract humanoid beings, at the moment of internal development, appear to be concentrated, introverted, and entirely within themselves. 

Participating artists:

Nutsa Esebua, Teona Yamanidze, Natia Benashvili